Capra Aegagrus Hircus (Goatie Goats Of Course!)
We got a new climbing frame! It's one of those big wire spools! We are going to get two more, but when we rolled it in, first thing, Charlie leaped up on it and demanded a head massage!  Nico stayed a bit away from it, that old goat, and then Jac started rubbing his head on it get all kinds of gunk on him! (It is a bit dirty to tell you the truth, but hey we got it for $5, so I'm not complaining!) After getting some schoolwork done (UGH!)  D and I took the goats for a walk around our seven acres, yay! We had lots of fun.  You know running up and down the driveway, playing lioness in the tall grass, catching our prey (who do YOU think?), then when put all the goats back the Nigerian Brothers laid down with us on their bucket/climbing frames.  That was really sweet.  Well got to go, Mom's making dinner.  I took some new pictures of the goats so expect some funny, furry, fabulous pictures soon! Thanks for reading, please tell your friends!
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